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As an Interdisciplinarian

In his classes, in his activities and as a writer Manab Gangopadhyay emphasized the role of an interdisciplinarian. His books on critical literature, society, civilization, historicism, philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, western philosophy, seminal thoughts and thinkers and the vast world of creative literature display his range of interest and accomplishment as an interdisciplinarian, a much envied and revered feature in the world of academics.
His seriousness in attitude compelled him to meet Nobel Laureate philosopher Bertrand Russel in 1954 to question him on his limitation in presenting the role of Indian philosophy in his gamut of philosophical works.

The trend is manifest in 1958 at Mahishadal, in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, when he started the FREE THINKERS’ CLUB, an intellectual repertoire, to discuss freely various topics from numerous subjects ranging from philosophy, sociology, psychology, social-psychology, cultural anthropology, literature and art, popular science, political theories and practice. This club continued for 50 years though later number of participants having flair in the world of VARIED learning started to decrease.

He was labeled as “a professor of humanities” in his 37 years of professional career.