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Contribution as an Academician
The literary world of Manab Gangopadhyay is spotted by the perceptive readers endowed with a conscious psyche. Having a mind and rationale, intelligence and inculcation of intellect, eyes open enough to witness, a consciousness that knows to see and is not afraid to watch, it will not be an audacious claim that only those rational, free from the shackles of descriptive story-like narrative prejudice, are susceptible to appreciate the intricate world of literature of Manab Gangopadhyay.

The contribution of such a person who has the rare virtue of offering a new genre to the world of creative and critical Bengali Literature is marked by unique characteristics.

Manab Gangopadhyay, an academician in the complete sense of the term, whom aquaintances unanimously refer to as “ a person not identified and confined to any subject but a man of Humanities.” Today, in the age of specialisation and also when disrespect to knowledge, wide learning and aristocracy has been the fashion of the day, a wise man is a phenomenon by himself.

Students admired his oratorial skill, poignant yet least ornamental, firm on a structured scientific rendition, offering a thread bare close analysis of the text, comprising of interdisciplinarian references and approach.

A most revered teacher among students and colleagues for his flexible entourism in philosophy, psychology, social-science, social-psychology and philosophy of history, Sri Gangopadhyay has retired as a Reader and Head of the Department of Bengali Language and Literature, whose thirty seven year career (1956- 1993), commenced and completed as a professor in several colleges of West Bengal including Presidency College, Kolkata.

In the first encounter he impressed a visitor to be a man of immense personality breathing an air of cultural and intellectual aristocracy. Starting as an amiable interlocutor, with the course of the discussion he emerged as a rationalist, extremely skilled in logical argumentation and endowed with an unmatched retentive power. Later, one discovers in him the creative self -- the novelist who dared to create an idiom to acquaint the readers with their waking consciousness matched by thematic rarity and unexpected stylistics. Encountering his gallery of works, one finds that at times he is a firebrand essayist and also an essayist of poised rationale, a literary critic having an originality in the less advanced world of Bengali literary criticism, so alien in the then critical psyche.
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