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i. During his student life(1940s) Manab Gangopadhyay came into contact with revolutionary thinker and political activist MANABENDRA NATH ROY and after a brief membership with the Democratic Vanguard under Jibanlal Chatterjee, he focused on M N Roy’s Radical Humanism, where he contributed numerous articles in their journal PUROGAMI, became Secretary of Indian Radical Humanist Association in 1970s. His writings in the PUROGAMI were banned during Emergency.

ii. Also in his student life he was involved with the BHASHA ANDOLON, the Language Movement that ideally initiated the movement for Bangladesh as a separate country later.

iii. Even in his tender age, he initiated a Circulating Library at Dhaka, founded a playhouse BHARAT VIJAY SAMITI to stage historical and patriotic plays at Dhaka.

iv. In his university days he collected fund, an only instance in his life, to save the life of noted Bengali writer Manik Bandyopadhyay.

v. He personally contributed on several occasions to buy medicines to relieve noted Rabindra Sangeet exponent Debabrata Biswas from asthama.

vi. Met Nobel Laureate philosopher Bertrand Russel to question him on his limitation in presenting the role of Indian philosophy in his gamut of philosophical works.

vii. In 1958 at Mahishadal, in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, he started the FREE THINKERS’ CLUB, an intellectual repertoire, to discuss freely various topics from numerous subjects ranging from philosophy, sociology, psychology, social-psychology, cultural anthropology, literature and art, popular science, political theories and practice. This club continued for 50 years though later number of participants having flair in the world of VARIED learning started to decrease. After his demise this club is named after him “MANAB GANGOPADHYAY MONONCHORCHA MONDOLI”.

viii. He visited with series of questions on TRUTH to several monks of repute or popular Gurus and also honest sages in different parts of India. Some of them include Sri Sri Anukul Thakur, Sitaramdas Omkarnath, Anondomoyee Maa, Gopinath kobiraj, Swami SWAMBIDANANDA, Madhavananda Avadhut, Kashav Babu( one of the trusted disciples of Anondomoyee Maa).

ix. He chaired the Rabindra Parishad at Presidency College, Kolkata.

x. He edited in English the centenary publication/issue of the noted philosopher Brajendranath Sil.

xi. He coined numerous Bengali words for philosophical terms (from Sanskrit and English), spread out in his LAST WORK, the magnum opus CHIRIJIJNASHA.
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